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We make pretty dead things–but who are we, you ask??  Here is a little bit about us... 

Jess Rajs

Jess is the brains behind the brains. She is the one that tells everyone what to do. She threatens to eat your brain if you don't do what she says. If you ever see her at a convetion she will probably bite you...or make you buy a picture of her butt. I mean, her butt is nice, so you should probably just buy the picture. That way you won't get bitten...probably. 


She also writes Dead Flesh, a zombie-centric column in Rebel Ink Magazine, organizes undead events, and regularly plays dead for photos. 




Sean White

Sean White is the graphic designer behind Gorgeous & Gory. He is absolutely essential to the production of the calendar, but his design skills are just a small serving in his meaty pie chart of talent.

As the host of the Nefarious Bovine Radio Podcast, he regularly provides listeners with a diverse variety of mostly independent music, information, and rum inspired contemplations. He also knows a LOT about rum. You should offer him some rum...


Sean also helps to organize the NJ Zombie Walk, and  though he remains

modest he has served as a zombie model and poster boy many times. 



Sarah White

Known to many as "the Bloody Babe from Hell", Sarah's creepy beauty is unmatched! Her input and participation in the Gorgeous & Gory projects has been key to their success.

Additionally, Sarah is often referred to as the Jersey Mermaid, and as such, is recognized for her work as an artist, in her chosen medium of encaustic. Ooh! Hot wax! On top of this, she is a Zombie Walk organizer and icon. Her interests also include Rob Zombie, tequila, and devouring YOUR F*CKING SOUL!!!!


Jeanette Milo

Jeanette is a graduate of the Tom Savini Makeup Effects Program at the Douglas Education Center. Since leaving school she has done makeup for album covers, haunted houses like Blood Manor and Pure Terror, and productions both on and off broadway including Annie and Phantom of the Opera. Basically, she was going nowhere until Jess asked her to do makeup on models and crawl around a muddy swamp, in exchange for a taco dinner. Just kidding...she's incredible.


Mike Craft

Mike "Twisted Images" Craft is our assistant photographer, and quite the horror enthusiast.  When Jess agreed to first meet Mike during the off hours at a glass factory in a bad neighborhood, she was a little worried he might  try to kill her. He didn't, and they've been friends ever since!

If zombies aren't your thing, you might want to check out Mike's  vampire calendar, "Moonlight - 2013". It is filled with glamour and gore, and even features a few of the Gorgeous & Gory models. 


Dylan Floody

Like Jeanette, Dylan is also a graduate of the Tom Savini Makeup Effects Program, and has also worked on some crazy impressive stuff like Broadway's Addams Family and Phantom of the Opera. Fashion shows, music videos, all that awesome stuff. Do not let his youth and adorableness fool you. He is a talented m*therfucker!




Nate Rajs

Nate is Gorgeous & Gory's social media advisor. His tweeting keeps us up to date on all the zombie events. If zombies could have a pulse, his finger would be on it! He's also known around here as the Dad of the Dead! But we don't consider this nepotism...it's more like necrotism!


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